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    We are Santé
    Santé produces natural & sustainable
    handmade beauty & body care products
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    100% Natural
    For those who want to improve their health
    & reduce their impact on the environment
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    Locally Owned
    Santé is a Wellington based company
    founded by Nellie Oakley in 2013

For Product information & orders, please contact nellie@santebeauty.co.nz

The Miracle Balm

5 Scents available

Body Butter

Your skin will thank you for it

Eye Make-Up Remover

No need to follow with an eye cream!

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A delicious Feijoa & Date Cake recipe! Free of refined sugar! Like many New Zealander’s I too gorge myself on feijoas when the season rolls around. It seems like they are the ultimate seasonal fruit, for some bizarre reason. Of course most fruit and vege are seasonal, but there is something about feijoas that make them particularly special and we feel the need to stuff our faces with them.

Why Choose Us

Santé-the natural choice
Santé produces natural alternatives to standard beauty, body care and cleaning products. The key word here being "alternative", because although these products are designed to be substituted for traditional products that you might be used to, they will act or behave slightly differently to products you may currently use. Santé products do not contain any synthetic ingredients or preservatives which are commonly found in many personal care products. And much of those ingredients can be harmful to our health. At Santé we chose not to use any of these harmful ingredients, as they tend to do more damage than good. Often shampoos and soaps work by stripping the natural oils from our hair and skin. This causes our hair and skin to then overcompensate by producing more oil, creating a vicious cycle. The transition to a natural product after using a traditional product will therefore result in a detox period. Our recommendation is to try natural alternatives, whether they be from Santé or other reputable natural brands. Just bear in mind that they are alternatives and it may take you a little time to adjust. However, DO persevere and the payoff of being healthier in the long run is well worth it.
Santé would ideally love to avoid all plastics in its packaging, however sometimes it is not always practical. We use glass where possible, but for products that may be used in the shower or bath, we chose to use plastic to avoid breakages and therefore avoid any injuries to you or your family. All our packaging is recyclable and we encourage you to please recycle any Santé packaging (that is unless you chose to reuse the packaging for other purposes-which is even better!).
Santé does not use synthetic preservatives or ingredients, all our ingredients are extracted from nature so that you can enjoy the full health benefits of these ingredients. A small number of our products do include tallow, an animal product. We use tallow because it is similar in cell structure to our own cells, meaning our skin absorbs it more easily than vegetable fats. We label this clearly on all packaging, so if you are vegetarian or vegan you can rest assured that unless tallow is listed in the ingredients list, you will not find any other animal products used in Santé products (Please note that Santé only uses tallow in the Miracle Balm and Lip Balm). To our Vegan and Vegetarian friends: We respect your opinions and the majority of Santé products are animal free. Tallow, is considered a "waste" product by our local butcher, and so would otherwise be thrown out. We believe that by using this "waste" product, we are acknowledging the sacrifice of life by using as much of the animal as possible. We do not condone factory farming or animal cruelty. Please keep in mind that whenever we promote a Santé product with tallow in it or the eating of any sort of animal products that we do so with reverence and awareness of the sacrifice it represents. We do not test on animals. All testing is done on us! We are currently looking into sourcing much of our ingredients direct from the source, so that we can be 100% sure that the ingredients used in Santé products are extracted sustainably and that the workers are paid a fair wage and work in safe conditions. We will update this as we progress with this.